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GCL is an established sealing product in the geo-environmental industry. A geosynthetic clay liner is a factor-produced mineral sealing mat which mostly consists of two layers of non-woven geotextile with an intermediate layer of sodium bentonite powder. The two layers of geotextile are jointed together by a sewing process (needle punched non-woven). This creates a perfectly stable mat with high internal shear resistance for a variety of environmental containment applications. They are used in landfill applications as caps and base liners, secondary containment for fuel storage facilities, as well as within various other containment structures such as dams, canals, rivers, and lakes. The geotextiles offer a long-lasting resistance to physical or chemical break-down in harsh elements, while the bentonite’s high swelling capacity and low permeability provide an effective hydraulic seal. Over the past decade, geosynthetic clay liners (GCLs) have gained widespread popularity as a substitute for compacted clay liners in cover systems and composite bottom liners.

GCLs provide an excellent alternative to conventional Compacted Clay Liners by replacing a thick section of compacted clay with a thin layer of pure sodium bentonite.

Domain Leadership

  • World’s 3rd largest producer of Bentonite
  • World’s 3rd largest Bleaching Clay producer
  • India's largest producer of refractory material
  • India's largest producer of proppants


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