Geosynthetic Clay for Highway and Roads

Road surfaces must be maintained regularly. Commonly, a paved road becomes a candidate for maintenance when its surface shows significant cracks and potholes. Cracks in the pavement surface cause numerous problems, including:

  • Riding discomfort for the users
  • Reduction of safety
  • Infiltration of water and subsequent reduction of the bearing capacity of the subgrade
  • Pumping of soil particles through the crack

A geosynthetic clay liner can be placed over the distressed pavement or within the overlay to create an overlay system. The geosynthetic interlayer contributes to the life of the overlay via stress relief and/or reinforcement and by providing a pavement moisture barrier.

The benefits of geosynthetic interlayers include:

  • Delaying the appearance of reflective cracks
  • Lengthening the useful life of the overlay
  • Added resistance to fatigue cracking

Domain Leadership

  • World’s 3rd largest producer of Bentonite
  • World’s 3rd largest Bleaching Clay producer
  • India's largest producer of refractory material
  • India's largest producer of proppants


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